Commercial, Corporate and Intellectual Property Lawyers in Bangalore

At JurisQuest, our team of lawyers are specialised in civil litigation, criminal litigation, corporate advisory, intellectual property, dishonour of cheques, property verification, family/divorce law and start-up legal services. Get top-class pre-litigation and litigation work that is based on experience, expertise, and trust. We offer various mediation and arbitration help in settling the case without litigation and save several hours of time, effort and litigation cost.

Commercial Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation Services

At JurisQuest, our pragmatic lawyers are specialised and have several decades of experience representing companies and small business in Bengaluru. Whether your business is large or small, there will be unpredictable legal challenges that you must face. Without the right legal representation, those legal challenges could have potential serious consequences for your business, and by association, the financial stability of your business or corporation.

JurisQuest advises and represents clients at Bengaluru on the entire spectrum of the arbitration process, including: early case assessment and definition of arbitration strategies, pre-dispute negotiations, selection of arbitrators, the filing of arbitration proceedings, the discovery process, advocacy at arbitration hearings, and the confirmation, challenge and enforcement of arbitral awards.


Ultimate objective is to provide constant support to mitigate any and every risks associated with electronic transactions.


Our philosophy is to assist our clients with all our resources and extend any help to safeguard their interests.


We work closely with you till we find the appropriate solution to the problem. Our cyber law consultants can deliver the compliance audit reports on time and within budget.

Full-service, Multi-disciplinary Law Firm in Bangalore

We are a full-service, interdisciplinary law firm that offers legal advice, solutions and support to entrepreneurs, business owners and stakeholders, investors and developers, licensed professionals, and others. Our monthly subscription-based service is specifically designed for startups and entrepreneurs.

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Whether it is a proprietorship, private limited or a limited liability partnership firm, we can assist with end-to-end incorporation services including free consultations with our experienced business lawyers.
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Civil Litigation
We assist with Identifying misappropriation of financial assets by performing forensic accounting services such as fraud audits, and managing large volume of financial data involved in the litigation and arbitration.
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Dispute Resolution
We combine our expertise in areas of international law and dispute resolution with a thorough understanding of the market and practice through the local law expertise. Our ADR Practice team focus on detail and think tactically to achieve the best result for the client.
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Foreign Investment
Be a part of the Indian growth story even while you are away. Get tailor-made investment regulatory advice and solutions from our Corporate Practice team that makes your investment in India a hassle-free experience. We help with asset allocation, investment portfolio, and tax treatments.
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International Contracts
Our commercial lawyers handle all aspects of contractual work, from drafting to negotiation, supporting our clients’ day-to-day operations and tackling specific projects. We regularly draw up standard terms for clients and advice on such contracts and limitations of liability and liquidated damages.
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Cyber Laws
We focus on practical and end-to-end guidance, from assessing network/data security and regulatory compliance to preventing and responding to cyber-attacks and data breaches.
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Our team of specialists and attorneys has combined experience as business owners, franchisors, franchisees, franchise consultants as well as lawyers. Franchising your business or buying into a franchise can involve many complex legal issues.
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Employment Laws
The professionals of the firm counsel the clients in each and every area of labor and employment law, and have been providing support in all aspects of employment and labor affairs, and regularly provide legal advice and represent various institutions towards the employment related affairs.
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Criminal Litigation
We represent before the Courts, tribunals, forums, commissions all over the country in all criminal litigation matters. Draft and review Petitions for quashing of FIR’s, handling of writs pertaining to criminal complaints and handling bail applications, appeals, interim and revision petitions.
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Family & Divorce Law
We practice in divorce and family law matters to provide each of our clients with highly skilled and knowledgeable representation. With thousands of marriages ending in divorce each year, husbands and wives need a lawyer who can help them navigate a terrible situation and start rebuilding their lives.
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Property Litigation
We provide advice on all property issues including commercial and residential lease disputes, restrictive covenants, injunctions, insolvency related disputes and professional negligence and real estate litigation.
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Mergers & Acquisitions
A merger or acquisition (M&A) can add significant value to a business. Our M&A team is committed to making sure that each stage of the transaction process from valuation to negotiation and completion is done to produce the desired business results.
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As a renowned and most compliant HR Service provider, JurisQuest is equipped to cater to requirements in the domain of Regulatory Compliance, Statutory and Labour Law Compliances. A holistic approach to labor law compliance, risk management, and internal policies.
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Startup Funding
Raising investment for your startup is a lengthy, time-consuming, complicated and yet indispensable and exciting process. It can also be confusing about the order of events in obtaining funding, so we have made the process put together a step-by-step account of what to expect on your journey to investment.
lawyers bangalore corporate lawyers startup lawyer business law firms india trademark law firm services bangalore
Cheque Bounce
Under The Negotiable Instruments Act, Cheque Bounce is a Criminal Offence. Under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act has been made to deal with the bouncing of Cheque, a summary trial case, besides the provisions under the IPC and the Code of Criminal Procedure of 1973.

Full legal services for companies

The full legal service offered by the Law Firm will provide your company with full legal protection: ongoing legal advice, drafting draft agreements and letters of legal significance, giving opinions on contracts before their conclusion, corporate services for companies, debt collection, conducting court cases, conducting administrative matters. The external legal department of your company can be cheaper than you think.

Bengaluru Business and Startup Lawyers – Interdisciplinary Legal Practice

We help companies navigate the complexities of developing, financing, and acquiring a startup business. A startup business is a newly formed venture that focuses on rapid growth and high volume distribution of its goods or services. Typically, the goal is to quickly develop the startup into a well-known business, become publicly traded, or merge with a larger company.

Starting, purchasing or restructuring any business entity requires thoughtful planning. The decisions you make today will have lasting consequences and will set the course for the future of your organization. For assistance during this crucial time, consult with our firm and we will apply legal expertise to help you along the way.

Our firm has helped business clients in Bengaluru with start-up, acquisition, and restructuring. Whether you are seeking to buy an existing thriving corporation are involved in the start-up of a small privately-held business, our firm has the experience, knowledge and skill to protect your interests.

Small business owners need ongoing legal advice throughout the lifespan of their business. We understand your business, provide seamless communication, and ask the right questions to provide experience driven guidance.

Startup Counsel | Startup Advisor | Corporate Legal Advise

Lawyering for Tech Startups and Media Industry

JurisQuest offers pro-bono consulting for unfunded technology startups venturing into the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR/VR, ICO and IoT space.

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Pragmatic Solutions To Complex Legal Matters

Are you a startup, growing and established companies in need of outside corporate counsel? Our corporate practice team can offer innovative solutions to the complex legal issues.